Throne Speech Highlights

Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin delivered the Speech from the Throne yesterday to open the next session of the Legislature. The speech, which focussed on initiatives by the government over the first years of its mandate, included some forward-looking items of interest to local government, further details on which will likely be made available in the Budget next week.

This year, the Government will:

  • Act on the recommendations of the Rental Housing Task Force, to provide more security for renters, and relieve them of the burden of fighting unfair or illegal renovictions on their own. 
  • Work to increase the number of spaces for school-aged children, and partner with school districts to create more before- and after-school care. 
  • Increase support to police services and First Nations policing for rural communities. 
  • Begin work on the development of an action plan to implement UNDRIP in collaboration with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Extend the transportation capital plan from three to five years.

The full text of the speech is available on the BC Legislature’s website.

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