The New Now: Life after COVID-19

Many of the disruptions introduced by the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the economy, how we work and the way we design our communities. To explore the road ahead, UBCM has invited a panel of experts to a 2020 Convention workshop to share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that will confront decision-makers. In the words of Dan Gunn, CEO of VIATeC, “socio-economic recovery should not simply mean returning to things as they were before. Communities, regions and economies that are opportunistic and adaptive will be best positioned to take advantage of the changes brought by these unique times.”   

Mr. Gunn will be joined by Ute Maya-Giambattista, Principal of Urban Design FOTENN; Council for Canadian Urbanism; Ken Peacock, Chief Economist, Business Council of BC; and Eve Hou, Manager of Policy Development for TransLink. The session will run on Thursday September 24, from 11am to 12:15pm.

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