Residential Options for the ALR

The Minister of Agriculture has announced that the Province is considering a new direction for residential flexibility for ALR land owners.  The allowance for both a principal residence and a small secondary residence is now being explored.

While the requirement for local government approval with regard to residences would remain, it is proposed that ALR property owners would not be required to apply to the ALC for approval.  In addition, for the small secondary residence, it is proposed that this housing would be available for farm-workers, family members or anyone else, and would not be restricted to manufactured homes.

For more information on the new ALR residential options and the specific conditions of each option (such as size, siting, and quantity) that are being considered by government, please refer to the Ministry of Agriculture Policy Intentions Paper, Residential Flexibility in the ALR.

Local governments can provide their feedback by April 17, 2020. Local governments making a submission may share their input with Danyta Welch, UBCM’s Manager of Program Services.

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