RCMP tracker shows modernization progress

The RCMP has introduced an ongoing modernization project in advance of its 150th anniversary in 2023. Vision 150 focuses on internal RCMP modernization, as well as initiatives to enhance overall policing services. Recently the RCMP publicly released its results tracker to illustrate the status of the project initiatives. Cost impacts are expected to be included in the multi-year financial plans.

Developed internally, Vision 150 includes initiatives organized by the RCMP into four pillars: Our People, Our Culture, Our Stewardship, and Our Policing Services. Initiatives already implemented include, updating recruitment standards and the creation of a Civilian Management Advisory Board. While the tracker currently includes 14 initiatives, it is expected that as new initiatives are identified, they will be added to the website.

The RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) has, since Vision 150 was first announced, requested that contract partners be engaged throughout the Vision 150 process; and, that cost implications and timelines be communicated in a timely manner.

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