Joint indigenous - local government database

CivicInfo BC, the Province of British Columbia, the First Nations Summit, and UBCM have partnered to develop a new Joint Indigenous and Local Government Initiatives and Relations research tool. This database pulls together wide-ranging examples of Indigenous communities and local governments working together in a single searchable resource.

Examples of resources included are Pathways to Collaboration economic development case studies and information related to initiatives, agreements, arrangements, partnerships, the provision of services, and more. The intent is for this tool to grow, so please consider sharing examples of recent initiatives or resources in your community. 

“The First Nations Summit and the Union of BC Municipalities have a longstanding relationship and a joint commitment to promoting partnerships and collaboration between First Nations and local governments. The Joint Indigenous and Local Government Initiatives and Relations database shines a light on some of the valuable achievements and success stories and is thus a great resource for promoting collaboration. We are pleased that such a valuable tool is now available and easily accessible online.”

Robert Phillips,

First Nations Summit Political Executive  

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