Input Sought on ALR Residential Flexibility

The Ministry of Agriculture is reaching out to local governments that have Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) within their boundaries in order to better understand options for small secondary residences in the ALR. Planning, building and/or bylaw staff are encouraged to engage with the Ministry by telephone or in person.  Meetings are planned to take place from the beginning of March to the first week in April and will likely not take more than an hour of time as a package of information will be provided in advance.

After Bill 52, Agricultural Land Commission Act, 2018, came into force in February 2019, the Ministry undertook a public engagement process to provide an opportunity for ALR landowners and stakeholders to provide input regarding residential uses of the ALR, economic diversification, and new and young farmers.

From the engagement process, the Ministry heard that more options for small secondary residences are needed.  Subsequently, a Policy Intentions Paper, which outlines options under consideration for small secondary residences, was published.

The Ministry of Agriculture is now asking for input from local governments that have ALR within their boundaries to participate in further developing and finalizing policy option ideas. The meetings will take less than an hour and a package of information will be provided in advance.

To participate in the engagement, planning, building and/or bylaw staff may contact the Ministry of Agriculture indicating:

  • Confirmed interest in the engagement
  • Preferred method of engagement: In person, by phone, in writing
  • If there is potential for group engagement (e.g. multiple local governments in one session)
  • Preferred timing between March and first week of April

Only those who use the email address provided above will be contacted for further scheduling.

If you have any questions or comments about the Ministry of Agriculture Policy Intentions Paper or the engagement process please contact (778) 698-7941.

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