Financial advocacy & provincial relief framework

In late April, UBCM reached out to the membership to gauge the impact of the Province’s financial relief framework on local governments, and to identify a stimulus approach that would assist a post-pandemic recovery. In early May, UBCM provided the Province with an assessment of the provincial relief framework, as well as recommendations for addressing funding shortfalls, mitigating the risk of tax delinquencies, and facilitating a revival of local economies.   

UBCM called for an expansion of the property tax deferral program to cover all residential taxpayers, as well as financial support for transit to add in economic recovery. It also called for an economic recovery stimulus program focussed on infrastructure funding, which provides maximum flexibility and choice for local governments, 100% funding, and a focus on shovel worthy projects. In response, the Province acknowledged its commitment to ensuring support for transit, and the importance of infrastructure projects in supporting a post-pandemic recovery. UBCM will continue to work with the Province in advancing these critical measures for a recovery in BC’s communities.

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