Emergency Preparedness funding intakes

Two Community Emergency Preparedness Fund streams have upcoming application deadlines, and new intakes have been announced for three other streams for 2021. Evacuation Route Planning has an application deadline November 6, 2020 and Structural Flood Mitigation was rescheduled with an application deadline November 20, 2020.

The newly announced application intake for Emergency Social Services has a deadline of January 29, 2021. The new intake for Flood Mitigation Planning has a deadline of February 26, 2021, and the new intake for Emergency Operations Centres and Training has a deadline of March 26, 2021.

As a result of COVID-19, the April 2020 Evacuation Route Planning intake was postponed to November while the October 2020 Structural Flood Mitigation intake was delayed by 4 weeks. Any applications that have been received will be processed as part of these intakes.

Eligible applicants to the CEPF are BC local governments (municipalities and regional districts) and BC First Nations (bands and Treaty First Nations). Program and Application Guides and Application Forms for all five streams are available online. Regional applications are permitted in the Evacuation Route Planning, Emergency Social Services and Emergency Operations Centres streams only.

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