Additional tools to enforce EPA Orders

Under the authority of the Emergency Program Act, the provincial government has announced new tools to support enforcement of ministerial orders. Effective immediately, police and other enforcement authorities, including bylaw officers, may issue $2,000 violation tickets for a variety of infractions, including price gouging and the reselling of essential goods (e.g. medical supplies).

Enforcement authorities may issue tickets for the violation of sections 8 (4) and (5), and section 9 of Ministerial Order 84/2020, and section 3 of Ministerial Order 115/2020. In addition to the above-noted infractions, these orders also provide the ability to ticket those who sell specified items beyond quantity limits; and, lodging operators who, at the request of the Province, do not provide accommodation for self-isolation purposes or to support essential workers.

Authorities empowered to enforce these ministerial orders and issue $2,000 violation tickets during the COVID-19 state of emergency include:

  • Police officers;
  • Local government bylaw officers;
  • Liquor and cannabis inspectors;
  • Gaming inspectors;
  • Conservation officers;
  • Community Safety Unit inspectors;
  • Park rangers;
  • Natural resource officers;
  • Commercial vehicle safety officials; and,
  • Sheriffs.

Enforcement authorities will be able to utilize these new tools throughout the duration of the COVID-19 provincial state of emergency. The provincial news release highlighting these changes is available on the Province of B.C. website.

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