Additional supports for vulnerable people during COVID-19

The Province has announced decampment plans to transition people living in major homeless camps in Vancouver and Victoria into temporary accommodations during the COVID-19 crisis. This builds on additional measures undertaken by BC Housing, non-profits, health authorities, local governments and others to secure shelter for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in communities across the Province.

The decampment plans will transition those living in encampments in Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park, and Victoria’s Topaz Park and Pandora Avenue to temporary hotel and community centre accommodations by May 9, 2020. This is intended to enable safe physical distancing and access to health, social and other supports. The Province is also working on long-term plans to secure permanent housing for the impacted vulnerable community members.  

Previously announced measures to address housing and homelessness have seen approximately 2,750 spaces secured for vulnerable people in hotel rooms, community centres and emergency response centres across the province. BC Housing is tasked to work with local health authorities to continue to add spaces as need is identified.

UBCM will continue to monitor and communicate the roll-out of these measures to support vulnerable populations. 

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