911 emergency communications update

Earlier this year, UBCM was informed that the Province would not be tabling new 911 emergency communications legislation during the spring 2020 legislative session. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, UBCM was involved in reviewing the existing framework as part of a provincial steering committee.

The provincial steering committee had been examining three key components of the provincial system: the funding model, governance structure and standards. This included analyzing the feasibility and support for a call answer levy on cellular devices. 

In October 2019, UBCM re-affirmed its support for enabling legislation to create a new 911 framework. UBCM’s support is based in part on the establishment of a governance entity to manage and distribute revenue generated through a call answer levy.

BC’s emergency communications framework must eventually meet new CRTC requirements and deadlines, including the decommissioning of legacy networks by December 2023. There are also a number of existing issues, including a lack of resiliency backup sites and gaps in service provision. 

Updated timelines will be communicated when they become available.

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