2020 Community Excellence Awards

Applications are now being accepted for UBCM’s 2020 Community Excellence Awards. The application deadline is July 10, 2020. The awards recognize and celebrate UBCM members that have implemented projects or programs that demonstrate excellence in meeting the purposes of local government in B.C.

UBCM recognizes the unique circumstances and challenges faced by BC local governments during the pandemic. This includes reduced staff and financial capacity in order to address the impacts caused by the pandemic. However, the pandemic, through the Community Excellence Awards, also provides for the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the leadership and innovation that local governments are providing in their communities. Applicants are encouraged to include any COVID-19 pandemic response actions and/or activities in their applications.

Through the awards program, local governments can hear about the successful initiatives of other members, and then adapt these programs and policies for their own communities. The awards are only open to UBCM members, including local government and First Nation members. Members may submit one application per category.

The four categories are:

Excellence in Governance. Governance is the process of decision-making and the means by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented). This category includes projects/programs that utilize governance processes or policies that are outcomes-based and consensus oriented, support and encourage citizen participation in civic decision-making, are efficient, equitable and inclusive, open and transparent; and exemplify best practices in accountability, effectiveness, and long-term thinking. This may include projects focused on staff, elected officials and/or the community at large.

Excellence in Service Delivery. Service delivery involves the actual production and provision of goods and services to the community, and should be integrated with community plans and aligned with financial plans. This category includes projects/programs that provide effective services in a proactive manner, demonstrate benefit to the community, and utilize performance measures, benchmarks and standards to ensure sustainable service delivery.

Excellence in Asset Management. Asset management is an integrated business approach that involves planning, finance, engineering and operations to effectively manage existing and new infrastructure in order to maximize benefits, reduce risk and provide satisfactory levels of service to community users in a sustainable manner. This category includes projects/programs that demonstrate a comprehensive system of asset management policies and practices.

Excellence in Sustainability. Sustainability means meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This category recognizes UBCM members that incorporate a long-term sustainability lens by considering the four pillars - cultural, social, economic and environmental issues - in planning, policy and practice.  Projects/programs that incorporate a long-term sustainability lens by considering cultural, social, economic and environmental issues in planning, policy and practice.

Awards are going to be presented during UBCM’s 2020 Convention, and all delegates are invited to attend the awards event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UBCM is reviewing delivery options for the 2020 Convention with decisions expected in late May 2020. This may impact the format of the Community Excellence Awards Ceremony.

For more information, contact Danyta Welch at (250) 356-5193 or awards@ubcm.ca.

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