Volunteer and Composite Fire Department Funding

Funding announced by the province in May 2019 will enable volunteer and composite fire departments to purchase equipment and training to build their resiliency. Created as a result of the Abbott-Chapman report, this stream within the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF) is intended to support structural and interface fire fighting.

This CEPF stream has received applications for such equipment as turnout gear, hoses, pumps, bladders and breathing apparatus. Eligible applicants include local governments (municipalities and regional districts), First Nations (bands and Treaty First Nations), Improvement Districts operating a fire department, and legally incorporated society-run fire departments in good standing. Full details about applicant and expenditure eligibility are in the 2019 Program and Application Guide, posted with the 2019 application form. 

The deadline for applications is Friday November 15th, 2019. Funding has been provided by the Office of the Fire Commissioner and Emergency Management BC, and the CEPF program is administered by UBCM. 

An FAQ is available, and inquiries may be directed to cepf@ubcm.ca.

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