Update on Double Gas Tax Transfer

The Government of Canada announced a one-time doubling of Gas Tax transfer nationally as part of the 2019 federal Budget. The $2.2 billion transfer will result in a one-time payment of $278.6 million for British Columbia to support local government infrastructure and capacity building priorities.

Local governments in British Columbia will see a bonus payment of Community Works funds  (~$109 million) that will effectively double the 2018 allocation.  Portions of this one time transfer will also be allocated to the Greater Vancouver Regional Fund (~$138 million) and the Strategic Priorities Fund (~$ 30.7 million) as per the federal Gas Tax program delivery model.

Although a transfer schedule has not been confirmed by Canada, it is expected that the first payment will align with the next scheduled Community Works Fund payment in July 2019. 

The 2019-23 Gas Tax Community Works Fund allocation schedule, including the bonus payment, is now available on our program page.

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