UBCM Executive Meeting Highlights

Executive members met in Victoria over February 20-22 to hold their quarterly Committee and board meetings. Executive members also met with MLAs from all parties to share local government perspectives on housing, cannabis and climate change.

Highlights of the February 22nd Executive meeting include:

  • welcomed newly appointed Executive members:
    • Councillor Craig Hodge, Coquitlam, Metro Vancouver Representative
    • Councillor Linda McPhail, Richmond, Vancouver Metro Area Representative
    • Director Grace McGregor, Kootenay Boundary Regional District, Director at Large
    • Councillor Claire Moglove, Campbell River, Director at Large
  • received a report highlighting the details of the provincial Throne Speech and Budget of specific interest to local governments.
  • received a report on the President’s activities since the last meeting.
  • received a report on provincial legislation and policy of interest to local government.
  • appointed Councillor Craig Hodge as the co-chair of the RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee and approved the following appointments to fill vacancies:
    • Mike Younie, Chief Administrative Officer, District of Mission
    • Byron McCorkell, Director of Community and Protective Services, City of Kamloops
    • Mayor Al Siebring, District of North Cowichan
    • Heather Avison, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Terrace
    • Milo Macdonald, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Williams Lake
    • Mayor Ange Qualizza, City of Fernie
  • received an update on the following policy files: Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations; Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels; New RCMP Labour Relations Regime;  Legalization of Cannabis;  Auxiliary Program; Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Program; Employer Health Tax, Auditor General for Local Government;  The Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act; Federal Additions to Reserve Policy; Federal Comprehensive Land Claims Policy; BC Ferries; National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls; Licensing of Commercial Dog & Cat Breeding; 911 Call Answer Levy; Assessment Appeals: special use properties; Electronic Roadside Ticketing; BC Society Act Reform Project, Community Rail Proximity Initiative and Revitalization of the ALR.
  • Received an update on the housing file; including UBCM’s participation on the Province’s Development Application Process Review; and monitoring the recommendations from the Provincial Rental Housing Task Force and where it aligns with UBCM housing policy.
  • received a report on UBCM’s mission to Cambodia through FCM  International Programs and a return visit from Cambodian representatives in mid-February.
  • Received an update on cannabis including UBCM’s work related to receiving a share of the excise tax; regulation of edibles, extracts and topicals, enforcement and the status of non-medical cannabis retail operations in BC.
  • Received an update from UBCM’s Fire Safety Act working group and its deliberations with the Office of the Fire Commissioner on efforts to stop the downloading of fire inspection, compliance monitoring and investigations onto regional districts.
  • received a report on next steps by the working group on Responsible Conduct noting an upcoming survey of local governments on development of a broader framework that supports codes of conduct addressing issues of enforcement, investigation of breaches, sanctions, etc.  The working group is also looking for ways to improve coordination of the sharing of  peer-to-peer and coaching resources with communities facing challenges.
  • received the financial report for the period ending December 31, 2018
  • received a staff report on recent activities and updates for the Local Government Program Services and the Gas Tax Fund.
  • Received a six month status report on the 2018-19 UBCM work plan.
  • Received for information, correspondence from Delta on retirement benefits for elected officials and from Nanaimo and Area Land Trust on the issue of local watershed governance.
  • met with 27 MLAs including Premier Horgan and discussed UBCM’s three Advocacy Days priorities
  • met with the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Selina Robinson and discussed UBCM’s advocacy priorities, Cannabis, Housing and Climate Change.

Highlights of the February 21st Committee meetings:

Presidents Committee

Presidents Committee members provided direction of two referred resolutions from the 2018 Convention; approved direction for the 2019 Community Excellence Awards Program; reviewed and made recommendations on appointments to fill vacancies to the RCMP Contract Management Committee (noted in Executive highlights); appointed First VP, Mayor Maja Tait to the Access to Justice Committee; and decided to discontinue production of the Network*book and discussed UBCM administration of the commercial vehicle licensing program. 

Members also received reports on staffing, quarterly financial reports, member services and group benefits, and pension plan partners working group.  The following recommendations were endorsed on two 2018 referred resolutions:

2018-B114     New Municipal Tax Classes
Endorse with proposed amendment:
Therefore be it resolved that UBCM ask the provincial government to explore the merits of establishing new property tax sub-classes, or amending the existing residential tax class, as a tool to address housing affordability.

2018 - B148 Remuneration for Local Elected Officials
That UBCM, with the assistance of a consultant, undertake a survey of its membership on existing remuneration practices, taking into consideration the variables that factor into these types of decisions, with the goal of developing a resource of shared practices for the broader membership.

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee received the financial statements for the period ending December 31st, 2018 as well as reports on the 2019 Convention programming and details. The 2019 Convention theme, keynote speaker options, site allocations, sponsorship, catering, and banquet entertainment were discussed. 

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee provided direction on endorsed resolution 2018- OF2, Endorse M151 National Strategy to Combat Plastic Pollution; received an update on species at risk and emerging concerns from local governments regarding caribou recovery plans; reviewed a report on contaminated sites; and discussed the development of a UBCM paper on climate action. The Committee will also be meeting with the BC Forest Practices Board in conjunction with the CED Committee at the May Executive meeting.

Community Economic Development Committee

Committee members reviewed and provided direction on endorsed resolution 2018-B101 Rail Proximity Issues; agreeing to share the FCM-RAC rail proximity guidelines with UBCM and LGMA members.   The Committee will also be meeting with the BC Forest Practices Board in conjunction with the Environment Committee at the May Executive meeting.

Members received reports on BC’s economic drivers; Species at Risk – Caribou Recovery Plan; a summary of feedback from four coastal forests webinars; an executive summary of Phase 1 report by the BC Utilities Commission Inquiry into EV charging infrastructure; the results from a Real Estate Foundation poll; summary report from a blue ribbon panel reviewing of B.C.’s forest inventory program and news release announcing broadband connectivity within areas of Cariboo RD.

Health and Social Development Committee

The Committee provided direction on referred resolutions 2018- B140 and 2018-B145; discussed a proposed resource guide for local governments on child care planning; received information on the BC Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, the BC Poverty Reduction Strategy, the BC Active Transportation Strategy and the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Communities initiative.

Community Safety Committee

The Community Safety Committee discussed a number of policy files, including the implementation of recommendations from the recent independent review of the 2017 flood and wildfire seasons, and providing local input into this process. Members also considered reports related to the Emergency Program Act review; policing issues, including RCMP labour relations, the Auxiliary Program and provincial police resources; the Bylaw Adjudication Program; changes to liquor policy, the Community Safety Act, and traffic fine revenue sharing with local governments.

Indigenous Relations Committee

The Committee received a delegation from the Central Coast Regional District regarding resolution 2018-OF1, and provided direction on this resolution.  Committee members discussed outreach to First Nations organizations, the possibility of future collaborations with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation on urban Indigenous issues, and member resources on local government – First Nation collaborations. The Committee also received information on federal and provincial policy updates and the Community to Community Forum program.

Resolutions Committee

The Committee approved its Terms of Reference and approved the timeline for the 2019 resolutions process.

Following up on member-endorsed Extraordinary Resolution 2018-ER1, the Committee took steps to amend Section 14(c) of the UBCM Bylaws, to specify that off-the-floor resolutions will only be considered on Friday morning, following the consideration of Policy Book 2 Report on Resolutions Received After the Deadline.  This change will come into effect for the 2019 Annual Convention.

The Committee reviewed delegate feedback from the 2018 Annual Convention.  The Committee also discussed that fact that the 2018 Local Government election saw a 40% turnover means that there will be many first-time delegates at the 2019 Annual Convention.  In response to both the 2018 feedback and the expectation of many first-time delegates, the Committee developed recommendations on how to educate new (and returning) delegates about resolutions and the resolutions process.

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