Toward Parity Survey – Response Requested

Did you miss the UBCM-FCM Toward Parity webinar? You can still contribute your feedback by completing a survey. Responses will help FCM to develop a national action plan addressing some of the potential barriers that exist for women (of all identities) entering into, being elected to, or remaining in local elected office.

Through previous consultations, identified barriers have been prioritized, recognizing that not all women experience all barriers while others may experience compounding impacts from these obstacles.

Please complete the survey most applicable to you and share the other survey links with the respective networks in your community:

•  Survey for elected officials or candidates
•  Survey for the general public
•  Survey for youth

Towards Parity is a project being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with funding from the Department for Women and Gender Equality (formerly Status of Women Canada).

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