Taking a Stand For Safety

The statistics may be familiar, but they remain no less shocking: one in three women in Canada will be physically or sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  60,000 assaults occur annually in Canada, more than 1,000 per week.  8,000 women and children reside in shelters because of abuse. Indigenous women are six-times more likely to be killed than non-indigenous women.

The Moose Hide Campaign emerged from these startling facts, and seeks transform them by engaging boys and men in supportive conversations that recruit them to commit honour, respect and protect the women and children in their lives.

The Campaign had its origins in Fraser Lake, a small community in the Carrier Sekani territory of the central interior. It has now spread to more than 350 communities across Canada.

Sage Lacerte, the Campaign’s National Youth Ambassador, described the origins, spirit and intent of the campaign, which her 16-year old sister Raven and father devised while on a family moose hunting excursion. Reflecting on close relatives lost on the Highway of Tears, Raven wanted justice for women and wanted to spread her own feelings of confidence, cultural pride and safety.

David Stevenson, the Campaign CEO, explained how their efforts have resulted in 2 million Moose Hide pins distributed and the campaign embraced by provincial and federal governments, including Premier Horgan and all BC MLAs and Prime Minister Trudeau. The Moose Hide pin is the only approved modification to the RCMP uniform that can be worn during service hours.

Their aim now is to engage local governments. It’s a simple as ordering a supply of free pins and support material, organizing an event and inviting a Campaign representative to attend.

Visit www.moosehidecampaign.ca for more information.

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