Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for B.C.

The B.C. government has released a provincial-scale climate risk assessment. The report – a first in Canada - helps government better understand and respond to current and emerging climate-related risks facing B.C. The risk assessment also supports the development of the provincial climate adaptation and preparedness strategy, scheduled for release in 2020.

Using a provincial-scale framework, the risk assessment evaluates the likelihood of 15 climate risk events for B.C. and their health, social, economic and environmental consequences. As a high-level assessment, the results reflect risks for the province as a whole and do not represent risks at other levels such as for Indigenous communities, local governments, or a specific sector or region.

The B.C. Climate Action Secretariat plans to customize and pilot the risk assessment for use in provincial ministries and for regional governments, so they can better understand and respond to emerging climate risks. For those interested in knowing more about the climate risk assessment report, a webinar will be held on September 11 – registration is now open.

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