Rules for Reporting Minor Crashes Amended

The provincial government has amended its rules around mandatory police reporting of minor collisions. This move responds to a resolution (B83) endorsed by the UBCM membership at the 2017 convention. The updated Motor Vehicle Act Regulations increase the mandatory reporting threshold for property-damage-only (PDO) collisions from $1,000 to $10,000. 

The changes are intended to reduce congestion and delays resulting from minor collisions where there are no injuries. The increased threshold may also help improve the rate at which crashes are cleared, reducing the risk to workers at the scene. Police officers will still attend PDO collisions at their discretion.

The endorsed resolution, sponsored by the City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver, sought authority for local governments to choose to adopt three proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act:

  • Allow the Province to delegate authority to maintenance contractors to remove vehicles that are stalled or involved in a minor accident;
  • Increase the damage limit to $10,000, allowing police officers to attend minor accidents without having to conduct mandatory reporting; and,
  • Expand an ongoing pilot program, and work towards extending authority to fire rescue services to complete mandatory reporting requirements.

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