Revitalization of the ALR and ALC

The revitalized legislative framework for planning and decision-making in the ALR has impacted local governments and created some uncertainty. This morning, the Ministry of Agriculture, with the Agricultural Land Commission, addressed these changes and identified their intent to work closely with local governments as part of their new engagement strategy.

After summarizing the intent and impacts of Bill 52 and Bill 15, the new engagement strategy was outlined:

  1. Formalization of a Technical Review Committee, including UBCM
  2. Public and stakeholder engagement
  3. Broad engagement/communication.

Delegates were informed of six upcoming engagement sessions and were invited to encourage their local farmers to participate in the public engagement process.  More importantly, the Ministry staff spoke of their clear direction to “dive-deep” into engagement with local governments and invited delegates to work with the Province and the ALC to address local agricultural challenges and opportunities.

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