Resolutions Deadline: June 30th

UBCM’s annual resolutions process provides a forum for its membership to identify common issues, express concerns and develop united positions. Local governments that missed the deadline for submissions to Area Association meetings may directly submit resolutions to UBCM until June 30.

Best practices guidelines are provided in the Resolutions Procedures section of the UBCM website. Resolutions endorsed at the Area Associations automatically move forward for consideration at UBCM’s September Convention. All resolutions, whether submitted to an Area Association, or provided directly to UBCM, require Council or Board endorsement.

Please look for your Area Association’s disposition following their Spring Convention to confirm the status of resolutions submitted the 2019 Area Association meetings.

If you require assistance drafting a resolution or have a resolution to submit directly, please contact Jamee Justason, Resolutions & Policy Analyst (604 270 8226 ext. 100).

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