Remuneration of Local Elected Officials

UBCM is developing a resource to support local government decision-making with regard to remuneration policies for elected officials. This undertaking follows upon a resolution to the 2018 Convention that tasked UBCM with examining the issue of remuneration and developing a process that would assist local governments in establishing fair and equitable remuneration for elected officials.

The resource resulting from this initiative will reflect general local government principles of autonomy and local decision-making and provide options that are scalable relative to the varying resources, capacity, and contexts of local governments in British Columbia.

To support the development of this resource, we request that local governments, through the CAO or CFO, provide information on local practices and policies through an online survey. The survey will collect information from small, mid- and large-sized communities, and consider the needs unique to both Municipalities and Regional Districts. The survey will also canvass the economic and social factors that factor into local policies, along with evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of those policies.

UBCM has contracted with Allan Neilson to support this project. Mr. Neilson has worked previously with UBCM as the primary consultant on UBCM’s Comment on Fiscal Management in British Columbia’s Municipalities (2011) and has extensive experience both as a consultant and senior manager within local government.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Paul Taylor, UBCM Director of Communications.

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