RCMP Elect Bargaining Agent

Results of a December 2018 vote have recently been revealed to confirm that RCMP members voted to certify the National Police Federation (NPF) as their bargaining agent. The NPF becomes the sole bargaining agent for all RCMP members below the rank of Inspector. 

The NPF first filed its application for certification in April 2018. Although RCMP members voted later that year, results were kept hidden until a legal matter was resolved. This legal matter pertained to the Québec Mounted Police Members Association’s application to represent RCMP members in Québec only. When this application was dismissed, it was revealed that RCMP members throughout Canada had voted overwhelmingly in favour of certifying the NPF. The NPF intends to immediately serve Treasury Board Canada with a notice to bargain.

Local governments that utilize RCMP services should be aware that policing costs will likely rise as a result of the collective bargaining process. The most recent RCMP member pay package expired on January 1, 2017, with local governments being advised to carry over any budget savings for when a new pay package and/or contract is finalized. The RCMP has estimated an annual member pay increase of 2.5%, although rates and provisions of a contract could increase the retroactive pay impact beyond RCMP estimates.

UBCM and its RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) remain active in advocating for local government input during the collective bargaining process.

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