Proposed Changes to Contaminated Sites Regulation

The Province is proposing amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation that align with Bill 17, Environmental Management Amendment Act. Bill 17 was introduced and received royal assent in May 2019 and addressed changes to the provisions for site identification in the Environmental Management Act.   

The introduction of Bill 17 follows on consultation by the province on a 2014 discussion paper and a 2016 intentions paper. 

The proposed changes will come into legal effect by regulation and are designed to streamline the legal regime, making the process clearer and more predictable, and to improve the Province’s ability to carry out compliance verification and enforcement. The proposed amendments to the process for identifying contaminated sites are outlined in the Policy Direction Paper - Identification of Contaminated Sites.

The Province will be holding a webinar to help stakeholders understand the proposed amendments on Tuesday, September 17, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

For questions about the content of the proposed amendments, please contact Kelli Larsen.

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