Policy Options for Short-term Rentals

A new provincial – UBCM advisory group will provide the province with policy options to strengthen the regulation of short-term rentals. UBCM President Arjun Singh informed delegates of the newly formed staff-led group in an address Wednesday. UBCM has made repeated calls for greater provincial involvement in the establishment of platform accountability agreements with operators to increase long-term rental stock in communities and curb speculative demand.

Councillor Singh also pledged further work by UBCM to seek a cannabis tax revenue sharing agreement with the province along with the need for greater provincial consultation in matters of land use.

Singh praised the commitment shown by Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for the collaborative work of the ministry on housing matters and the pace of infrastructure rollout in BC.

The UBCM President also urged delegates to support the federal election platform developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities by reinforcing its goals for infrastructure, public transit, connectivity and climate change with local candidates.

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