New intake for Child Care Spaces

Minister of Children and Family Development, Katrine Conroy, announced new intakes of the Community Child Care funding programs administered by UBCM today.

The programs allow local governments to apply for funding to further their understanding of child care needs in their communities and to invest in capital projects in their communities for licensed child care for children up to five years of age in local government-owned or leased buildings.

In the previous intake round, over 70 local governments received funding to start their planning activities and engage with their residents for local solutions. Nine local governments received funding of up to $1 million to develop child care spaces in their communities.

Local governments can apply for up to $25,000 to develop a child care action plan to determine the needs of families in their communities over the short and long terms.

  • The Community Child Care Planning program intake is open until January 31, 2020.
  • The Community Child Care Space Creation program has a deadline of November 22, 2019, and again local governments can apply for funding of up to $1 million.

Also available for applications by local governments is the Childcare BC New Spaces Fund, where funding of up $3 million per project for public sector organizations and Indigenous governments (up from $1 million).

Application materials for the Community Child Care funding programs are available on the UBCM website.

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