Long Service Awards

Each year, UBCM presents Long Service Awards at the Annual UBCM Convention to eligible local elected officials who have served a total of 25 or 35 years of service.  Nominations  are being accepted until August 31.

The award is outlined in Section 6.6.1 of the UBCM Executive Policies as follows:

UBCM shall present Long-Service certificates to any person who has served a total of twenty-five (25) years as an elected member of a council or regional board. UBCM shall also present Special Long-Service awards to any person who has served a total of thirty-five (35) years or more as an elected member of a council or regional board. Service required for both awards need not be continuous nor on the same council or board but must be municipal or regional district service and not on other public bodies.

Nominations are accepted every year from the beginning of June until the end of August for both the Long Service Awards (25 years) and Special Long Service Awards (35+ years). Local government administrators are asked to advise UBCM of the names of any persons who they feel would qualify for this award.

Nominations should contain:

  • the full name of the individual;
  • the dates during which he/she served as a member of Council or Regional Board; and,
  • the position(s) held during the dates given.

Long Service Awards Criteria

The following prerequisites should be adhered to:

1. The recipient must have served, as an elected member, on a BC Municipal Council or Regional District Board for a total of 25 years or more. Service can be in broken periods and on different Councils or Regional District Boards, but the time so involved must add up to at least 25 years of service.

2. The recipient can have served as Mayor, Reeve, Alderman, Councillor, Electoral Area Director, Village Chairman, or Village Commissioner, but service on other municipal bodies or boards, etc., such as School Trustee, Hospital Board members, Library Board, etc. cannot be considered in computing the total length of elected service.

3. The recipient can be presently in elected office or might now be retired from the field.
Special Long Service Awards Criteria

Special Long Service Awards Criteria

Individuals who have served as an elected member on a BC Municipal Council or Regional District Board for 35 years or more are eligible for this special award. To qualify for the Special Long Service Award, the individual:

  • must meet the long service criteria, listed above,
  • may or may not have also received a regular long-service award for 25 years of service.

For Presentation at the 2019 Convention please email your nomination by August 31, 2019 to Lilliana Kang: lkang@ubcm.ca

Subject line: Long Service Awards

Please indicate whether the nominee qualifies for LONG SERVICE or SPECIAL LONG SERVICE – 35+ YEARS

To view a list of past recipients, please follow this link:
UBCM Long Service Award Recipients

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