Local Government Finance System to be Reviewed

UBCM Executive has approved the re-establishment of the Select Committee on Local Government Finance to undertake a comprehensive review of the Strong Fiscal Futures Report.

Through the review, the Select Committee will analyse the options captured within the Report against current issues and challenges facing local governments, identify a concise list of options, include additional documentation and rational for their support and table them in a report to UBCM Executive.

UBCM Executive has engaged Frank Leonard and Associates as a consultant on this project.  Mr. Leonard was a member of the Select Committee in 2012-13.  He was also the Mayor of the District of Saanich for multiple terms and is a UBCM Life Member.

Post-convention, UBCM Executive will be establishing Select Committee membership.  It is expected that the Select Committee will convene in Fall 2019 and present its’ findings to UBCM Executive in July 2020.

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