Green Party Leader Renews Call for Innovation

Green Party of BC leader Andrew Weaver called on BC’s local government leaders to be courageous, ambitious, and innovative in working towards an inevitable transformation of BC’s economy.

Speaking to delegates as both a climate scientist and a political leader, he enjoined them to embrace BC’s strategic advantages: "our quality of life and natural environment; a highly skilled and educated workforce; and our boundless renewable energy, fibre and water." He said these are the ingredients, for “transforming society, without huge disruption, to a cleaner, sustainable society.”

Weaver touted several BC companies demonstrating ground-breaking innovation in mining, fusion energy, carbon capture, energy storage and engineered wood. “It’s not just possible that the transition to a clean economy could create jobs,” he said. “It is inevitable.”

He also applauded local government advances, acknowledging the 50 local governments reporting their achievement of carbon neutrality last year, and citing several examples of local government innovation and leadership around the province.

“People are ready to support leaders who take climate action seriously,” Weaver said. “Change is coming whether we like it or not.”

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