Feedback Sought on Ride Hailing Services

An all-party Select Standing Committee on Crown Corporations is conducting an inquiry into BC’s transportation network services (ride hailing services) and is seeking input from interested parties.

The Committee may only consider input on the following four areas:

  • What criteria should be considered when establishing boundaries?
  • How should regulations balance the supply of service with consumer demand, including the application of the Passenger Transportation Board’s current public convenience and necessity regime as it pertains to transportation network services? 
  • What criteria should be considered when establishing price and fare regimes that balance affordability with reasonable business rates of return for service providers?
  • What class of drivers' licence should be required for ride-hailing drivers to ensure a robust safety regime without creating an undue barrier for drivers?

The deadline for written submissions is Friday, February 1, 2019 and may be sent to the Parliamentary Committees Office. Submissions to parliamentary committees are considered public documents and may be published on the Committee’s website or made available to interested parties upon request following the release of the Committee’s report.

Further information on the work of the Committee is available online. Questions about the Committee’s work can be directed to the Parliamentary Committees Office at 250-356-2933.

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