Convention Finance & Sponsorship Final Report

The Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) appointed an independent panel in July 2019 to conduct a review of the financing and sponsorship of its annual Convention. The Review Panel has delivered its final report which includes a set of guiding principles for future conventions. UBCM’s Executive has adopted the report and recommended principles, including the banning of sponsorships by foreign governments.

“I am very appreciative of the work of the Review Panel to engage broadly with local governments in BC to solicit input on the financing of our annual meeting,” said Mayor Maja Tait, UBCM president. “As our membership evolves, our practices and procedures need to keep pace. UBCM’s Executive has received this report and has adopted all of the recommendations for implementation at our next Convention.”

The guiding principles recommended by the Review Panel will be implemented for the 2020 Convention and beyond.  

“The panel saw their appointments as based on our experience in gathering input from UBCM’s membership and making policy decisions based on that input, so the opportunity to get direct face-to-face feedback from the membership at convention was invaluable,” said Frank Leonard, the Review Panel Chair. “Although we canvassed many issues and opportunities for change, it was clear that the membership supported existing policies and practices with the exception of one and our recommendations reflect that.” 

The guiding principles proposed by the Review Panel are as follows: 

  1. UBCM shall endeavour to keep annual Convention registration fees as low as possible to encourage and facilitate member attendance.
  2. The UBCM Convention shall be delivered on a “cost-recovery” basis.
  3. Sponsorship and tradeshow revenues will be sought to assist in offsetting the costs associated with holding a UBCM Convention.
  4. UBCM’s Executive will delegate vetting, assessing and approving all sponsors and tradeshow participants to Corporate Operations. UBCM’s Corporate Operations will take into consideration the diversity of interests and issues within the UBCM membership as it considers the approval of sponsors and tradeshow participants.  
  5. Unions and corporations will be permitted to sponsor/finance any element of the UBCM Convention. 
  6. Foreign governments will not be permitted to sponsor/finance any UBCM Convention events such as receptions and other networking opportunities.
  7. UBCM’S Convention Committee will receive these guiding principles each year.  

Mayor Tait, on behalf of the UBCM Executive, has expressed her appreciation to each of the review panel members: 

  • Frank Leonard(Chair), Consultant; former Mayor of Saanich and UBCM President
  • Wendy Booth, Consultant; former Area F Director with Regional District of East Kootenay and UBCM President
  • Chair Sav Dhaliwal, Chair of Metro Vancouver; Councillor, City of Burnaby; and former UBCM President
  • Chair Rhona Martin, Chair of Columbia Shuswap Regional District and former UBCM President

Greg Moore stepped down from the Review Panel in September 2019 when he was appointed interim President and CEO of BC Lottery Corporation due to the medical leave of its current President. His contributions during the early stages of the review are also appreciated by UBCM.

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