Consultation on Edible Cannabis Regulations

Health Canada has launched a public consultation as it works to regulate edible cannabis products, as well as cannabis extracts and topicals. Under the Cannabis Act, these products will be permitted for sale by October 17, 2019. Interested local governments may submit feedback no later than February 20, 2019.

As part of the consultation process, Health Canada has provided a series of questions for consideration. A backgrounder and draft regulations are also available for review. Submissions may be made online or in written form. Health Canada also plans to convene regional roundtable discussions and host webinars to obtain additional stakeholder feedback.

Proposed regulations include placing a cap on the amount of THC in new products:

  • 10 mg in a package of edible cannabis;
  • 10 mg per cannabis extract unit, with a maximum of 1,000 mg in a package of extracts; and,
  • 1,000 mg per package of cannabis topicals.

Other proposed regulations include restrictions on ingredients that could appeal to youth or encourage consumption; child-resistant plain packaging and labelling rules that are already in place for dried cannabis; and, a prohibition on co-production of food and edible cannabis in the same facility.

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