Caribou Recovery Engagement

The provincial government is seeking feedback on two draft agreements related to the caribou recovery: the Section 11 Agreement under the Species at Risk Act; and the draft inter-governmental partnership Agreement for the central group of the Southern Mountain Caribou.

The draft Section 11 Agreement is an agreement between the federal and provincial governments, which contain overarching commitments, measures and strategies for the recovery of Southern Mountain Caribou (SMC) in B.C. The federal and provincial governments have been developing this bilateral conservation agreement under Section 11 of the federal Species at Risk Act since 2017.

The draft Partnership Agreement is between the federal and provincial governments, and the West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations. This Agreement sets out the specific measures and actions for conservation of the three Local Population Units in the Central Group of Southern Mountain Caribou.

To manage the impacts of the Agreements and the proposed measures, the Province is commissioning an independent economic analysis in collaboration with communities and local businesses. UBCM members have previously endorsed resolutions that called for a consideration of the socio-economic impacts when developing conservation plans for caribou.

Local governments may also be involved as part of the proposed Technical Working Group (TWG), which will identify caribou recovery related land use objectives. The TWG proposes to invite representation from different organizations, including local governments, in May 2019.

Feedback on both Agreements can be submitted by April 26. The Province is currently organizing consultation meetings in locations around the province. UBCM will update members once the meeting details are available.

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