Call for Forest Policy Changes Heard

A notice has been issued advising that a multi-year initiative is underway to make improvements to the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). Initial improvements will begin in early 2019, and continue over several years. The Province has indicated that the initiative, in part, is in response to concerns raised by UBCM and other interested parties.

Expected outcomes of the multi-year initiative include:

  • Support reconciliation with First Nations
  • Restore the social contract and public trust in forest management
  • Support the certainty of log and fibre supply
  • Ensure that land managers have clear ability to promote and protect natural resources
  • Improve and streamline range planning

Second Vice-President, Councillor Brian Frenkel serves as UBCM’s appointment to the Forests Minister’s Advisory that will be overseeing the FRPA review. For further information on UBCM’s policy related to community engagement and consultation on forest policy, please visit the Community Economic Development Committee’s policy page. Local governments are encouraged to review the notice and provide their feedback as consultation opportunities arise.  

Specific questions about the initiative can also be sent directly to FLNRORD’s Resource Practices Branch.

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