C2C Funding and New Guide

With the goal of increased understanding and improved overall relations between First Nations and local governments, Community to Community (C2C) Forum events are intended to provide a time and place for dialogue to build on opportunities, support reconciliation efforts, resolve issues of common responsibility, interest or concern, and/or to advance tangible outcomes. The next application deadline is December 6th.

The updated Guide to Community to Community Forums in BC was published in September 2019 to support the provincial focus on reconciliation. The Guide describes the kinds of activities that are eligible, how to apply, and how to plan your event. The Guide is a roadmap for hosting effective meetings to eventually translate dialogue into action, and offers tips and examples to help applicants make the best of this funding opportunity.

The C2C program can contribute a maximum of 50% of the cost of eligible activities – to a maximum of $5,000. The application deadline for forum events to be held by March 31, 2020 is December 6, 2019. Prior applicants are welcome to reapply to the funding program, and application materials are now available.

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