Wilkinson Pledges Flipping Tax Bill

In his first address to the UBCM Convention as Opposition Leader, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson pledged that his party would work in partnership with local government.

Wilkinson invoked the legacy of the government led by then-Premier Gordon Campbell, which brought in the Community Charter and UBCM administration of the Federal Gas Tax Fund. The Liberal Leader also contrasted the Liberal track record in government with recent NDP-led initiatives like the Employers Health Care Tax.

On housing policy, Wilkinson was critical of the proposed Speculation Tax introduced in the 2018 provincial budget, saying the tax penalizes British Columbians. The Leader committed to introducing a bill before the Legislature on the flipping of pre-sale condos. Wilkinson also pledged that a Liberal government would generate “a massive increase in [housing] supply.” A key step in the achievement of this increase is expediting permitting processes by local government. “If places like Langley and Langford can do it, so can every municipality,” said Wilkinson.

Other measures proposed by the Liberal Leader included a complete overhaul of ICBC and a new wildfire recovery and prevention program.

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