UBCM Submission to FOIPPA Review

On June 14, UBCM presented Minister Jinny Sims with local government perspectives on information access and privacy protection. UBCM President Wendy Booth, Vice-President Arjun Singh, and Executive Director Gary MacIsaac made the presentation to inform the Minister’s current review of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA), and associated information and privacy measures.

The presentation focused on feedback provided by local government corporate officers and designated FOI practitioners during a recent survey. 112 local governments participated in the survey (or just over 58% of BC local governments), reflecting a high level of member interest in this area.

We condensed what we heard into this report. Feedback is organized into eight key areas: timelines and capacity; proactive disclosure and open data; Duty to Document and transparency; costs and fees; compliance and deterrents; access and storage of information; mandatory breach notifications; and local government engagement processes.

While next steps for policy and legislative amendments are currently subject to Cabinet deliberation, representatives were assured that local government engagement will continue over the coming months. If you have comments or questions, please contact Gary MacIsaac, UBCM Executive Director.

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