UBCM Group Benefits Renewal Negotiations

UBCM Group Benefits Plan renewal negotiations are nearing completion. The service offer to UBCM members includes an actuarial review of the carrier's proposed new rates for the coming year. The renewal letter will be sent out by the beginning of September with the rates effective October 1, 2018.

George and Bell Consulting have reviewed Pacific Blue Cross's (PBC) proposal and have been negotiating the renewal on behalf of UBCM. George and Bell work with UBCM to ensure the aggregate adjustments for the renewal are fair and appropriate. Individual local government reviews will be finalized before the end of the August.

Information provided by PBC includes historical premiums and claims experience, required reserves, and expenses. George and Bell's objective in analyzing this information and the proposed renewal action is to determine whether the proposed premium rate adjustments are appropriate and competitive at the aggregate level and to ensure that the premium rates for each local government are determined in accordance with the pre-determined methodologies and reflect applicable claims experience.

Please email Anna-Maria Wijesinghe, Manager, Member & Association Services for further information.

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