UBCM Executive Meeting Highlights

Executive members met in Victoria over February 21-23 to hold their quarterly Committee and board meetings. Executive members also met with MLAs from all parties to share local government perspectives on housing, infrastructure funding and issues related to mental health and the opioid crisis.

Highlights of the February 23rd Executive meeting include:

  • received a report highlighting the details of the provincial Throne Speech and Budget of specific interest to local governments.
  • received a report on the President’s activities since the last meeting.
  • approved the following appointments to the Local Government Contract Management Committee:
  • Paul Gill, CAO, City of Maple Ridge
  • Dave Critchley, Director of Public Safety and Community Services, City of Burnaby
  • Rob Mayne, Divisional Director, Corporate and Protective Services, City of Kelowna
  • Councillor Kevin Jolly, City of Trail
  • received an update on the following policy files: Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations; Problem Vessels; New RCMP Labour Relations Regime;  Legalization of Cannabis;  Electronic Roadside Ticketing; Auditor General for Local Government;  The Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act; Care Home Sprinkler Safety; Farm Assessment – Medical Cannabis Grow Operations; Federal Additions to Reserve Policy; Federal Comprehensive Land Claims Policy; Emergency Program Act Review; BC Ferries; National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls; Licensing of Commercial Dog & Cat Breeding; Auxiliary Program; 911 Call Answer Levy; Assessment Appeals: special use properties; Off Road Vehicle Management Framework; Natural Resource Roads Act
  • received a report on UBCM’s recent mission to Cambodia through FCM International Programs.
  • received a final report from the Special Committee on Housing, noting the release of UBCM ‘s housing reportA Home For Everyone: A Housing Strategy For British Columbians.
  • received an update on infrastructure funding.
  • received a report on next steps by the working group on Responsible Conduct following the endorsement of the policy paper at the 2017 UBCM Convention.
  • received a report outlining the review of the ALR presently underway by an independent committee and directed that UBCM prepare a submission in order to highlight UBCM’s policy position in relation to the ALC and ALR.
  • received a report and presentation on status of cannabis legalization and the work to date by the Joint Provincial-Local Government Committee on Cannabis Regulation.
  • received a report from the Ad-Hoc Committee on Alternate “unelected” Electoral Area Directors on the feedback received to their discussion paper that was presented at EA Forum delegates.  It was noted that the Ad-Hoc Committee would be making a similar presentation to the attendees at the upcoming CEO-CAO Forum.
  • received correspondence from the Minister of Municipal Affairs on appointments to the Audit Council of the Auditor General for Local Government and confirmed UBCM participation in a review of the AGLG office; declined a funding request from the BC Non-Profit Housing Association for their rental housing index; and received a letter from Minister Robinson in response to UBCM’s feedback on amendments to local elections campaign financing.
  • received the financial report for the period ending December 31, 2017
  • received a staff report on recent activities and updates for the Local Government Program Services and the Gas Tax Fund.
  • met with Premier Horgan and discussed UBCM’s three Advocacy Days priorities - housing, infrastructure, mental health/opioid crisis.
  • met with Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Selina Robinson and discussed UBCM’s advocacy priorities, AGLG review and audit council appointments; as well as next steps regarding the joint work on responsible conduct.
  • received a delegation from Agriculture Land Commission’s Chair and CEO providing an overview of the ALC/ALR and discussed the review presently underway by the Minister of Agriculture.

Highlights of the February 22nd Committee meetings:

Presidents Committee

Presidents Committee members provided direction of four referred resolutions from the 2017 Convention; approved direction for the 2018 Community Excellence Awards Program; reviewed and made recommendations on appointments to fill vacancies to the RCMP Contract Management Committee; and agreed to engage the services of a professional mediator to develop a UBCM Conference Code of Conduct and an implementation process for handling complaints should they arise. 

Members also received reports on the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Program, staffing, quarterly financial reports, member services and group benefits, and intergovernmental relations.

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee received the financial statements for the period ending December 31st, 2017 as well as reports on the 2018 Convention programming and details. The 2018 Convention theme, keynote speaker options, site allocation, on-site childcare, catering, and banquet entertainment were discussed. 

Environment Committee

The Committee received a proposal to create a working group with Stewardship Agencies of BC to provide joint recommendations to the Province on product stewardship priorities. This working group would provide a vision of extended product stewardship in BC, and would identify and propose potential extended producer responsibility (EPR) priorities to inform the provincial approach.

Committee members received updates on BC’s Spill Preparedness and Response regime; Fisheries Act; National Energy Board; and the BC environmental assessment revitalization process.

Community Economic Development Committee

Committee members received reports on forest policy; BC Utilities Commission review of electric vehicle charging; National Energy Board; proposed changes to the Federal Fisheries Act; and the BC environmental assessment revitalization process. Members also discussed the Passenger Transportation Board’s decision to approve Greyhound’s application to cut bus service in the north and directed that a letter be written to express UBCM’s disappointment with the decision.

Committee members also discussed issues arising from meetings held with the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Energy.

Healthy Communities Committee

The Committee received an update on provincial and federal initiatives with respect to child care, and considered a proposal to work with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCABC) to create a Child Care in Rural and Remote Communities report. The Committee also considered a request to participate on the University of British Columbia’s Dean’s Advisory Committee on Rural and Remote Health. A report was received on Regional Hospital Districts (RHDs), which noted that the recommendations from the 2009 RHD Cost Sharing Review had not been fully implemented.

Information was received on the BC Poverty Reduction Strategy and the Healthy Families Communities Initiative.

Community Safety Committee

The Committee received a delegation from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General to discuss the provincial Road Safety Initiative (RSI). Recently amended legislation paves the way for electronic roadside ticketing to be introduced, as part of phase one of the RSI. A first step will be a provincial pilot project, expect to begin in March 2018 in selected communities. The Province has committed to ensuring local governments do not incur a negative fiscal impact as a result of this initiative.

Members discussed reports regarding RCMP labour relations; the new tiered Auxiliary Program; other relevant policing activities; liquor policy changes; referred resolutions and resolutions requesting UBCM action; and, the provincial 911 call answer levy initiative.

Indigenous Relations Committee

The Committee considered a proposal for UBCM involvement in supporting the development of local Urban Aboriginal Strategies and reviewed reports on the National Council for Reconciliation and National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  The Committee also discussed the advocacy meeting with Minister Fraser, which addressed Committee priorities and information sharing with the Province on Treaty and other agreements with First Nations.

Resolutions Committee

The Committee approved its Terms of Reference and reviewed the timeline for the 2018 resolutions process, noting that production of the Resolutions Book will be impacted by the fact that the UBCM Convention is two weeks early this year. Following up on member-endorsed Extraordinary Resolution 2017-ER1, the Committee took steps to amend Section 23(d) of the UBCM Bylaws, removing the requirement for a 60 per cent (three-fifths) majority in order to remove a resolution from a block for individual consideration. This change will come into effect for the 2018 Annual Convention.

The Committee also reviewed delegate feedback from the 2017 Annual Convention, and in response to the feedback resolved to: shorten and simplify the review of resolutions procedures during Convention policy sessions; clarify how the Resolutions Committee formulates the recommendation on a resolution; and emphasize that the membership, not the Chair, makes the decision to vary the agenda, or admit late resolutions or resolutions from off the floor for debate.

Resolutions from 2017 Referred to UBCM Executive:

The UBCM membership referred three resolutions from 2017 to the UBCM Executive for consideration. The Executive considered these resolutions at their meeting in February 2018 and made the following decisions.

2017-B80  Elimination of Boards of Variance

Executive decision: Not Endorsed

2017-B83  Expedite Accident Clearing

Executive decision: Further research required (decision not yet made)
UBCM will undertake further research regarding the proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act and possible impacts on the choice of individual local governments and first responders. The Executive will consider this information at a future meeting.

2017-B130  Bill C-15 Federal Banking Bail-in Legislation

Executive decision: Endorsed

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