Submission on ALR/ALC Revitalization

On March 22, 2018, UBCM met with the Minister’s Advisory Committee on the revitalization of the ALC and ALR to present a submission outlining the critical need for local governments to retain an active role in agricultural land use planning and decision-making. 

UBCM recommendations to the Advisory Committee included the following: 

  • Recognize that local governments are a key component of agriculture planning and protection in BC and that thorough consultation with local governments is an integral aspect of enabling a robust and effective ALC and ALR.
  • Endorse the critical role of local governments in preserving farmland through land use planning, bylaw enforcement, review of ALC applications, and other measures.
  • Support the principles of consistency, fairness, and transparency in the governance of agriculture lands, and endorse the critical importance of local decision-making in agricultural land use planning.
  • Carefully examine the means of production of recreational cannabis to determine if the expected industrial-style production is the best use of BC’s limited agricultural land.
  • Consider revisions to the farm class system, the issue of farmland speculation, concerns regarding residential uses in the ALR, and food security.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s discussion paper and online survey continue to be available.  The deadline to submit is April 30, 2018.

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