Resolutions Requesting UBCM Action

At the 2017 Annual Convention local governments endorsed several resolutions that requested specific action from UBCM. This article summarizes the actions undertaken by UBCM working committees in response to these resolutions.

2017-B3 Support for BC Fire Departments
Assigned to: Community Safety Committee
Decided to: request a meeting with the Office of the Fire Commissioner to present supporting data and discuss options to support BC fire departments.

2017-B19 Future Tripartite Infrastructure Funding Programs
Assigned to: Presidents Committee
Decided to: take the issue of population thresholds under advisement when developing future infrastructure funding programs with the provincial and federal governments.

2017-B54 UBCM Convention Resolution Section
Assigned to: Convention Committee
Decided to: allocate 6 hours to resolutions debate during the 2018 Annual Convention.

2017-B66 Panel on Management & Preservation of Old Growth Forests
Assigned to: Community Economic Development Committee
Decided to: defer action on the resolution until the May 2018 meeting, when the Committee will be able to review the provincial response to the resolution and can determine a further course of action.

2017-B68 Dock & Buoy Regulations
Assigned to: Presidents Committee
Decided to: follow up with provincial staff responsible for dock regulations and request that they reach out to the resolution sponsor and the broader UBCM membership to clarify jurisdictional authority over dock and buoy regulations.

2017-B84 Interface Wildfire Risk
Assigned to: Community Safety Committee
Decided to: work with BC Wildfire Service to prepare a summary of approaches being taken across British Columbia to address interface wildfire risks; further, provide information regarding endorsed resolution 2017-B84 to the BC Flood and Wildfire Review.

2017-ER1 Extraordinary Resolution to Amend the UBCM Bylaws Regarding Removal of a Resolution From a Block
Assigned to: Resolutions Committee
Decided to: confirm amendment of section 23(d) of the UBCM Bylaws to require only a simple majority in order to remove a resolution from a block for individual consideration; and consequentially, update related documents including the Conference Rules and Procedures for Handling Resolutions, and the speaking notes for chairing resolutions debate.

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