Resolutions Changes for 2018

UBCM’s Resolutions Committee has made two changes for the 2018 UBCM Convention related to: removal of resolutions from a block and the date for Resolutions Book distribution. 

Removal of Resolutions from a Block
With the adoption of ER1 from Coquitlam at the 2017 UBCM Convention, a simple majority (50%) will now be required to remove a resolution from a block for consideration.  Previously the UBCM Bylaws stipulated that a 60% vote in support of removal was required before a resolution could be pulled from a block for individual consideration. Section 23(d) of the UBCM bylaws has been amended accordingly. 

Resolutions Book distribution
UBCM Bylaws provide that members are to be forwarded a copy of resolutions at least 30 days in advance of the Convention. However, with the Convention occurring two weeks earlier than usual, and the time it takes to prepare, edit and print the Resolutions Book, meeting the 2018 distribution date is problematic. 

UBCM has always treated the mailing of the print copies of the Resolutions Book to local government elected officials and CAOs as the “official” distribution of the resolutions. However, to meet the bylaw requirement, the UBCM Executive adopted a motion in February 2018 to designate the PDF version of the Resolutions Book as the official distribution. The PDF of the Resolutions Book will be conveyed via email to all UBCM members by August 10th to meet the 30-day requirement. The PDF will also be posted to the UBCM website. Print copies of the Resolutions Book will continue to be mailed to the membership as soon as they are available.

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