RCMP Unwilling to Amend Auxiliary Uniform

In response to UBCM’s request to amend the proposed Auxiliary Constable uniform, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has indicated that there will be no changes in the immediate future. UBCM is seeking a new uniform that visually conveys the professionalism and authority held by Auxiliary Constables.

UBCM’s primary concern is the RCMP decision to prominently display the word “volunteer” on the uniform, and how it does not accurately reflect the authority held by Auxiliaries. A more professional uniform may also help reverse a trend that has seen a number of Auxiliaries leave the RCMP in recent years, coinciding with changes that have limited the scope of the Auxiliary Program.

Acknowledging UBCM’s interest in the matter, RCMP Commissioner Lucki discussed taking stakeholder input to the National Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC) for advice. The OHSC advised the RCMP to keep the word “volunteer” most prominent on the proposed uniform. Although no changes are planned at this time, the Auxiliary uniform will be re-assessed after an 18-month implementation period.


The Auxiliary Program has been undergoing a safety review since 2014. Brought on by fatal attacks in Ontario and Alberta, this review sought to evaluate and amend the program in a way that protected members and mitigated other safety risks. One of the primary outcomes was the 2016 announcement of a tiered Auxiliary Program, allowing divisions and contract partners to choose one or a mixture of tiers based on local needs and circumstances.

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