RCMP Policing Structure Under Review

Increasing policing complexity and impending RCMP unionization could make the current provincial policing structure unsustainable. Delegates at a UBCM convention session heard that the provincial government and RCMP are examining the viability of the current model, and in particular British Columbia’s smallest RCMP detachments.

RCMP and provincial presenters indicated that the solution might involve creating larger regional RCMP detachments by centralizing and reducing the number of smaller detachments. RCMP Assistant Commissioner Eric Stubbs noted that the RCMP is actively examining the idea of creating policing hubs in British Columbia. While no decisions have been made, the RCMP will update local governments should there be any developments. There are currently 144 RCMP detachments in British Columbia.

UBCM expects that an update will be provided at the next RCMP Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) meeting. The LGCMC is a forum for consultation, analysis and communication regarding the management of the Agreement under which the RCMP provide local police services in BC. 

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