RCMP Contract Management Committee Update

On May 3, 2018, the Local Government Contract Management Committee (LGCMC) met with provincial and RCMP representatives to discuss issues related to the RCMP contract and policing in British Columbia. The key issues discussed at the meeting are summarized in this article.

1)    Working Group Discussion Items

RCMP Outstanding Issues

Provincial representatives provided an update on the status of three long-standing issues (Severance, Green Timbers, IHIT). Thus far, Public Safety Canada has rejected all offers from the Province to settle these issues.

RCMP Labour Relations Update

Members considered implications of unionization, including the difficulty in maintaining service levels in rural areas.

Five Year Review

This review has now concluded. Most of the recommendations have been fully implemented, many of which involved amendments to the Companion Document. Recommendations include the need for improved consultation, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and improved implementation of the agreements.

Breaching Equipment

The Five Year Review partly addressed the need for early warning information regarding the use and purchase of new equipment (e.g. breaching equipment). Policy direction from Ottawa dictates that this new equipment must be made available to police officers. No finalized policy yet on how many will be required per detachment, or per police vehicle.

Less Lethal 40 MM Projectiles

“E” Division has asked the provincial government to approve a one-year pilot project, which would see less lethal 40 MM projectiles used in several BC communities. These less lethal projectiles are already being used by other police agencies in Canada.

Auxiliary Program

Discussions are ongoing between the RCMP and BC regarding the Province’s position (as expressed by the former Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General):

  • That current Auxiliary Members be grandfathered into Tier 3 of the new Auxiliary Program; and,
  • That the proposed uniform (a ball cap and yellow jacket that both clearly display the word “volunteer”) be amended.


Resource Planning

With regards to the upcoming G7 Summit, the RCMP has done a good job of providing early notice and implementing measures (e.g. restricting leave) to manage the force during this time.

Joint Provincial-Local Government Committee on Cannabis Regulation

Members discussed recently tabled provincial legislation that will provide for a provincial regulatory framework for non-medical cannabis. In particular, the Province is working towards creating a community safety unit that includes dedicated enforcement officers throughout BC who will work with local bylaw enforcement to shutdown illegal storefronts.

RCMP Consultation & LGCMC Meeting with Okanagan Representatives

LGCMC Co-Chairs recently met with representatives from the Okanagan to discuss communication issues with the RCMP.

RCMP Occupancy Agreements

Members went through the Local Government Management Association (LGMA) working group’s principled approach to dealing with building leases. Provincial representatives were supportive of the examination of this issue.

2)    RCMP Update

Cannabis Legalization

The RCMP is in the process of exploring options for roadside screening devices. If these are not procured before legalization, the RCMP is still equipped with tools to detect cannabis. The RCMP are also working to increase the capacity of Drug Recognition Experts (DREs); “E” Division will be looking for 33% of frontline members to be trained in Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) within 3 years of legalization, and 50% within 5 years.

Vacancy Management

RCMP ‘E’ Division has established a Vacancy Management Committee co-chaired by the Human Resources Officer (HRO) and the Officer in Charge of the Operations Strategy Branch to ensure a consistent approach in deploying resources in a strategic manner.

Shared Services Canada (SSC)

RCMP representatives provided an update on the new SSC Service Model sourced from the National Contract Management Committee meetings.

RCMP Consultation

Keeping in mind the local government budget cycle, the discussion focussed on in-year cost items and the need to consult and provide ample notice to local governments when making these types of requests.

Occupancy Agreements

RCMP representatives spoke to LGCMC members regarding requests from municipalities that would prefer to buy buildings from the RCMP. It was explained that under the PPSA only the provincial government is stipulated as a party that could purchase a building from the RCMP.

Supplemental Policing Agreements & G7 Summit

“E” Division is re-assessing the number of resources committed towards the G7 Summit on a weekly basis. The initial request was for 1071 Members; however, it has now been reduced significantly.

With regards to supplemental policing, the RCMP committed to providing policy or an assessment tool/matrix, which they use to assess resource needs at the detachment level for local events. 

RCMP Labour Relations Update

RCMP representatives noted that communities should be planning for unionization, as it is very likely to occur. With regards to concerns over pending labour negotiations, impacts on the RCMP or municipal partners were not known at this time.

RCMP Integrated Detachment Staffing Levels

In collaboration with the Province, the RCMP has developed a template for Resource Reviews. The Resource Reviews look at current resources and historical workloads to determine whether jurisdictions in a given detachment have adequate resources to meet their respective workloads. 

RCMP Policy on Limited Duration Postings

The RCMP uses a scoring system to determine where a Limited Duration Posting is necessary. This point system takes into consideration location, distance to a larger community of more than 5,000 in population, travel time to a major centre, population, housing, educational facilities/options, medical services, entertainment, community cohesiveness, developmental opportunities, caseload, etc.

The Local Government Contract Management Committee appreciates feedback on any of the RCMP contract and other policing issues identified above. UBCM members who have questions or comments are encouraged to contact Bhar Sihota, UBCM Policy Analyst.

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