Provincial Spill Response Webinar

The B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy will present a one hour online meeting on May 4th, 2018 from 9:00am to 10:00am outlining proposed regulations to enhance spill preparedness and response with respect to land transportation of hazardous materials.

Ben Vander Steen, Manager of Planning and Preparedness, will facilitate the presentation. It will focus on four topics the Ministry is exploring: geographic response plans, response times, maximizing the marine application of environmental emergency regulatory powers and addressing loss of public use from spills. An overview of the phase one regulations which came into force in October 2017, will also be provided.

The ministry’s intention paper is available here for more information on the four topics.

The webinar may be accessed here or by phone:

Local - Victoria: +1 (250) 952-9304

Local - Vancouver: +1 (604) 398-9304

Toll-Free: +1 (888) 952-9304

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