Province Reverses Decision on Fire Safety Act

UBCM has received correspondence from Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth advising that the Province has directed the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) to implement a single standard of fire safety for public buildings whether located in municipalities or unincorporated areas. This directive overturns a commitment made by the previous provincial government.

Members will recall UBCM reported in a January 20, 2016 Compass article that the provincial government had committed to making amendments to the new Fire Safety Act to remove the requirement for mandatory fire inspections by regional districts. This commitment to amend the Act, before being brought into force, came after extensive advocacy work by UBCM members including endorsement of resolution A3 at the 2015 Convention.

In response to the recently announced change in direction, the UBCM has re-activated the file and established a working group to meet with the OFC about what this means for regional districts. The OFC will discuss the direction on the Fire Safety Act at the upcoming Electoral Area Directors Forum on Tuesday September 11 at the UBCM Convention.

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