Passenger Transportation Board Reviews Taxi Modernization Actions

In response to the report on Modernizing Taxi Regulation by Hara Associates, the Passenger Transportation Board (PT), an independent tribunal, is reviewing three short-term actions referred to as the “Hara recommendations”.

These include:

  1. Allowing existing licencees a one-time opportunity to increase their number of taxi vehicles (plates) by up to 15% in the near term;
  2. Giving the industry the flexibility to lower fares below metered rates in off-peak hours for app-hailed taxi trips; and
  3. Increasing efficiencies at shift change through separate day and night vehicles.

The Board will also be working on provincial standards for smartphone apps and data issues.

The PT Board is undertaking a three-stage process to review the three modernization actions.

  • Consultations & online surveys – with industry associations (licencees and drivers).
  • Findings and Policy Setting – these will set out Board findings on the three recommendations and set policies to guide implementation.
  • Implement policies through a streamlined process that is consistent with Board decision-making requirements.

The PT Board is currently concluding its consultations and will implement the one-time opportunity to increase supply in mid-September. As part of its consultation process, the Board has reviewed submissions from local governments to the Select Standing Companies on Crown Corporations inquiry into ridesharing in January 2018. 

The Board’s consultations are independent of any consultations that Government may undertake regarding legislative initiatives related to taxis and ridesharing.

Local governments and First Nations will have an opportunity to comment on individual applications in their area. The PT Board will publish all applications in their weekly bulletin every Wednesday.

Updated information on these short-actions and PT Board processes will be posted on the taxi modernization webpage.

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