New Auxiliary Program Tiers Finalized

In December 2016, following a series of reviews, the RCMP announced that its Auxiliary Program (formerly known as the Auxiliary Constable Program) would move to a tiered model, consistent with the results of UBCM’s member survey. The RCMP has now finalized activities, training standards, uniforms and determined financial impacts for contract partners who wish to implement one of the three tiers.

Activities will vary depending on tier chosen, but may include:

  • Public safety education;
  • Crime prevention initiatives;
  • Assistance at major events;
  • Traffic control; and/or,
  • General duty operational patrols with RCMP Members.

Depending on the tier chosen, it may be costly and a potential administrative burden for some detachments. At this point it is unclear whether the requirements and costs will act as a deterrent for those detachments considering implementation. The RCMP has not yet announced a plan to help detachments with the transition from the old program to the new tiered program.

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