Moving Ahead on Cannabis Legalization

Delegates received an update on the status of cannabis legalization in a policy session Tuesday afternoon at UBCM’s Convention. The presentation outlined the policy work undertaken by the Joint Provincial – Local Government Committee on Regulation that was introduced at the 2017 UBCM Convention, along with the gaps in the legalization framework for BC.

Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang and Mary Shaw, Executive Director of the provincial Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat reviewed corresponding federal, provincial and local government responsibilities with regard to legalized cannabis. The presentations by Jang and Shaw are available on this website.

Councillor Jang highlighted the cost impacts for local government that will result from legalized cannabis, including increased policing and bylaw enforcement; administration for licensing; land use management; and transition to the new legalized regime.

Key issues that are still in development include the completion of an excise tax revenue sharing agreement; regulating edibles; developing a full rural retail framework; and evaluating the provincial framework once implemented.

UBCM President Wendy Booth presented the background to UBCM’s Special Resolution (SR1) on cannabis taxation that will be brought before delegates for consideration during the resolutions session on Thursday.

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